Maker Faire is coming to Rome

Posted on 2016/09/28



Maker Faire will come to Rome in the weekend of 14-15-16 October 2016, and I plan to go there.

The faire format is  by Make Magazine, and gathers the makers from all around the globe, so that they have the possibility to interact and showcase their work and their art.

The maker movement has gained traction these years thanks to numerous factors. Some of these are technological, such as 3D printing, microcontroller boards such as Arduino and Nucleo, connectivity protocols at the base of the Internet of Things. Some of these are social: people have always made their own creation in the solitude of their own home, in their room full of screws, drills, saws and dust. Now there are so many ways to ask for suggestions and to share.

I hope it will be a fun weekend!

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