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The SATA-150/SATA-300 Jumper

August 1, 2009


If you have a SATA hard disk, there’s a chance that you’re not using its full capabilities because of a setting that can be easily changed: Because some SATA-300 hard disk drives don’t work correctly on motherboards with SATA-150 ports, some SATA-300 hard disk drives have a SATA-150/SATA-300 jumper (also known as 1.5 Gbps/3 Gbps […]

Links for 2009-06-22

June 22, 2009


Layar’s Augmented Reality Browser: Literally More Than Meets The Eye via TechCrunch Why Parrot is Important (Linux Magazine) via Linux Foundation Takes Training Online (Linux Journal) via Host Your Own Facebook With Opera Unite via Wired Top Stories Thoughts on Opera Unite (Chris Messina/FactoryCity) via Techmeme Amazon releases Kindle source code

Links for 2009-06-16

June 16, 2009


Paradigm Works Distributes ReleaseWorks As Free, Open Source Software via Design And Reuse Socle Adopts Platform Core Compiler to Accelerate Customer SoC Design via Design And Reuse Opera Unite reinvents the Web (Opera Press Room) via Techmeme

Links for 2009-06-15

June 15, 2009


Chris Anderson’s Counterintuitive Rules For Charging For Media Online via TechCrunch Fifteen Classic PC Design Mistakes via Slashdot Gartner: Android on ARM “more snappy” than Windows 7 on Atom via Engadget Debian Package of the Day: iotop: simple top-like I/O monitor via Planet Ubuntu

Links for 2009-06-13

June 13, 2009


Can Bre Pettis Replicate Himself? via Boing Boing Linux multi-touch technology demo’d via A development group at ENAC in Toulouse, France, reports that it has developed a proof of concept for adding iPhone-like multi-touch support to the Linux kernel. The group has released a video showing multi-touch effects such as resizing and rotating using […]

Links for 2009-06-10

June 10, 2009


Introducing Google Quick Search Box (Google Mac Blog) via Techmeme Shared by Balau Well, it sorta kinda reminds me of gnome-do and ubiquity. And I like them both. We’ll see. Google Mac Blog: Introducing Google Quick Search Box —  When most people think of Google, search comes to mind – and rightly so!  Hundreds of […]

Links for 2009-06-09

June 9, 2009


[$] Linux Kernel Design Patterns – Part 1 via The idea of “design patterns” came from the field of Architecture, but have been used for software development, particularly object-oriented programming, for many years as well. When the visibility of these patterns is raised, so that more developers know and understand them, better quality code […]

Links for 2009-06-07

June 7, 2009


Freescale, Qualcomm mint ARM smartbooks at Computex What’s bigger than a smart phone, smaller than a notebook and different than a netbook? That’s the description of a smartbook, a term Freescale and Qualcomm are minting at Computex for the ARM- and Linux-based portables their customers are designing. Pegatron netbook hands-on video Joining Wistron’s N900z on […]

Links for 2009-06-05

June 5, 2009


Christer Edwards: Getting Started with Firewall Builder via Planet Ubuntu Donald Knuth: Mathematical Ideas, or Algorithms, Should Not Be Patented (Groklaw) via Groklaw reports that Donald Knuth is petitioning the EPO to disallow software patents. “Donald Knuth, distinguished computer scientist, recipient of the Turing Award, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, and author […]

Links for 2009-05-29

May 29, 2009


What a Hacked PC Can Be Used For via Slashdot Google’s "Wave" Blurs Chat, Email, Collaboration Software via Slashdot HDL Design Methods for Low-Power Implementation via Design And Reuse Increasing clock frequency and a continuous increase in the number of transistors on chip have made implementing low power techniques in the design compulsory. These low […]