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Getting Things Done

May 27, 2010


GTD (Getting Things Done) is a system created by David Allen to manage work. After reading the book and starting to implement the system, I can say I am impressed and I’d wholeheartedly suggest anyone to (at least try to) adopt it. Here is an introductory video of David lecturing at Google: David Allen: Getting […]

Memento code comments

January 25, 2010


Code comments are equal to flossing: you need to floss regularly or else… But how should a developer approach writing comments? As a personal technique I associate code comments with memento. What does memento mean? Memento is the Latin imperative “Remember!” A memento is an object that serves the purpose to let us not forget […]

Idea: Google Reader sort by likes

August 24, 2009


When I have a 1000+ folder, I tend to hesitate before clicking “Mark all as read”, because I’m afraid I’m missing something very important. If I was able to sort the reader items by the number of likes plus the number of times it has been shared, I would  check the hottest items before trashing […]

Connecting FriendFeed, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Google

May 23, 2009


I’m always searching for a way to work less while doing more. I like to be present on FaceBook while having many updates on Twitter and posting on my blog, and I want to have time to wander on my favorite websites. What I managed to do was entangle all these activities together. And if […]

Python script to post RSS (or atom) feeds to WordPress

May 16, 2009


This blog used the “Blog Posting” functionality of service to post a daily round-up of bookmarks. I wanted to do something similar for liks that I did not want to bookmark (news, twits). I tried Digg, but: Submitting a story is a long process. Digg Blog posting is buggy It would create another […]

Learn To Type Faster

March 12, 2009


I’ve always wanted to learn to touch type but never found the time. This site teaches in a pretty straight-forward approach, that starts from the basis and then gradually increases the difficulty to let your muscles memorize the movements. The site is here: (this post has been touch-typed) [Edit: WordPress QuickPress enables sloppy posting]

Soft-Work Efficiency

March 7, 2009


Will I improve my efficiency by working in my own way?

The Freaking Sweet Point

February 25, 2009


Working to work less.