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April 14, 2011


Here’s the public announcement: Security Incident — Blog — Why are they emphasizing having a strong and unique password? I think it’s the right thing to suggest in this case. My understanding is that the attackers could have accessed the database containing the users’ obfuscated passwords. Usually the passwords are salted and hashed (and I […]

Security bug management done right: Tarsnap

January 20, 2011


Tarsnap ( is a backup solution with emphasis on security; it is conceived, developed and maintained by a single author (Colin Percival). To put it simply, the user downloads and runs an open-source client software that encrypts the data to be saved, and copies it on remote servers recurrently. No one except the user can […]

Reinforce ssh security with Denyhosts

November 10, 2009


…For years I’ve been saying security consists of protection, detection and response–and you need all three to have good security… March 2007, Bruce Schneier I always read Schneier’s site carefully, because everything he says is precise, consistent and grounded in experience. When I stumbled upon this concept of three components of security, I realized that […]

Italian Linux Day 2009

October 24, 2009


The Italian Linux Society promoted today a nation-wide event called Linux Day 2009. I went to the event that was nearest to my home, organized by the local Linux User Group (the GalLUG). They spoke to an audience that was mainly made of 18yo boys of the local technical institute, promoting the Free Open Source […]

Secure remote storage with Dropbox and TrueCrypt

October 11, 2009


Instructions on how to create a secure remote storage using free portable tools such as Dropbox and TrueCrypt.

Idea: Google Reader sort by likes

August 24, 2009


When I have a 1000+ folder, I tend to hesitate before clicking “Mark all as read”, because I’m afraid I’m missing something very important. If I was able to sort the reader items by the number of likes plus the number of times it has been shared, I would  check the hottest items before trashing […]

Secure remote storage using sshfs and encfs

August 23, 2009


I was particularly impressed by Dropbox and its ability to backup, retrieve and share files so easily, but I am quite concerned about the security issues deriving from having your files on a remote, closed-source system. I think that a good remote storage solution should prevent the owner of the storage server from accessing private […]

Opera Unite security considerations

June 16, 2009


Opera Unite is a new concept that will let you add to your Opera Internet browser some web services that you provide to other Internet users. It means that your personal computer will become a small server. Opera Unite front page says: “Take control of what you share online”, but it forgets to add “Just […]

Links for 2009-06-10

June 10, 2009


Introducing Google Quick Search Box (Google Mac Blog) via Techmeme Shared by Balau Well, it sorta kinda reminds me of gnome-do and ubiquity. And I like them both. We’ll see. Google Mac Blog: Introducing Google Quick Search Box —  When most people think of Google, search comes to mind – and rightly so!  Hundreds of […]

Malware Hunting

June 10, 2009


Today my mother asked me to check her laptop: she said it disconnected often. She has a Windows XP Home SP3 old laptop. I run Avira’s Luke FileWalker to check for viruses and it doesn’t find any. Meanwhile I open task manager and sort the processes by CPU usage. A process called something like wmqoi […]