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Linus Torvalds interview at TED

April 11, 2016


Chris Anderson, the creator of TED, interviews Linus Torvalds on the traits that are useful to create and maintain something remarkable as Linux. Linus appears as his usual self, joking about his own defects, and being overall very lucid in its analysis of the current status of Linux kernel and what happenedĀ to get there. He […]

Getting Things Done: David Allen talk at TEDx

November 2, 2012


Getting Things Done, commonly known as GTD, is a method created by David Allen for dealing with stuff in your life; I already wrote about its benefits before. He recently gave this talk to a TED audience about its way of working. He exposes many deep concepts and uses a peculiar jargon, so if someone […]

Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

September 16, 2012


I really think that education is the silver bullet, and this TED talk shows the effort of the best universities to bring education to everyone thanks to the modern and affordable technologies that we have available right now. Online education is not a substitute for teachers and classrooms, but it can scale and complement the […]

Collusion: a plugin to visualize cookie trackers

July 9, 2012


All the relevant sites on the Internet use cookies in some way or another. All the cookies in our browser can be considered the digital traces we leave when we surf. Up until now I had difficulties understanding the dimension of the problem, or how much of me is potentially passed around without asking my […]

Arduino creator talks at TED

June 30, 2012


Massimo Banzi is one of the creators of the Arduino project. He recently did a wonderful talk at TED Global (here the post about it on the official Arduino Blog, if you wanna show some love). At 4:20 he shows a screenshot that could have been taken from my blog post about Arduino schematics, given […]

Free relax in an open plan office

October 19, 2009


Tips to relax at the office using the power of nature sounds.