Arduino creator talks at TED

Posted on 2012/06/30


Massimo Banzi is one of the creators of the Arduino project. He recently did a wonderful talk at TED Global (here the post about it on the official Arduino Blog, if you wanna show some love).

At 4:20 he shows a screenshot that could have been taken from my blog post about Arduino schematics, given that it’s one of the top image search results for “Arduino schematics screenshot“. If it’s so, I’m glad that a small bit of my work was useful and has been shown to so many people.

His talk mentions also Instructables and Thingiverse, which are very important communities for the Open Source Hardware movement.

A particularly interesting bit of his talk is the role of Kickstarter to help makers find the resources to ship their projects. To have an interesting gallery of projects, just search for Arduino on it, and maybe think about funding one of them.

Go makers!

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