This page contains a list of resources that I feel could be useful for me and my readers. I will update it as needed.

Learning resources

These links are useful when you want to know more about a subject, even when you don’t have a particular goal in mind.

Reference material

When you are focused on an outcome, and you know what you need to accomplish but you don’t know exactly how, these links can help.

Ask for help

You can ask the following channels about the questions and the problems you have.

  • Stack Overflow: answers for your software problems.
  • freenode network: an IRC server, reachable with any IRC client, that is home to one of the most large community of techies.
  • Arduino Forum: the official gathering of Arduino enthusiasts.


These communities are wonderful places to discuss ideas, review projects and solve common problems.

  • OpenCores: home of Hardware Description Language projects, for FPGA development and academics.
  • Electronics subreddit:  the Reddit community for electronic systems, circuits, signal processing…
  • Programming subreddit: the Reddit community for software programming.


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