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TED talk on everyday cybercrime

September 17, 2013


The following talk by James Lyne is an interesting wake-up call. It’s a video that technology enthusiasts could share with anyone even if they’re not familiar with computer science. James executes, in real time, two practical examples of hacking, and also shows what data and statistics can be collected by scanning a room full of […] security violated

April 14, 2011


Here’s the public announcement: Security Incident — Blog — Why are they emphasizing having a strong and unique password? I think it’s the right thing to suggest in this case. My understanding is that the attackers could have accessed the database containing the users’ obfuscated passwords. Usually the passwords are salted and hashed (and I […]

Secure remote storage with Dropbox and TrueCrypt

October 11, 2009


Instructions on how to create a secure remote storage using free portable tools such as Dropbox and TrueCrypt.

Opera Unite security considerations

June 16, 2009


Opera Unite is a new concept that will let you add to your Opera Internet browser some web services that you provide to other Internet users. It means that your personal computer will become a small server. Opera Unite front page says: “Take control of what you share online”, but it forgets to add “Just […]

A secure Firefox profile

March 20, 2009


How to create a secure Firefox profile to browse the web safely.