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Reinforce ssh security with Denyhosts

November 10, 2009


…For years I’ve been saying security consists of protection, detection and response–and you need all three to have good security… March 2007, Bruce Schneier I always read Schneier’s site carefully, because everything he says is precise, consistent and grounded in experience. When I stumbled upon this concept of three components of security, I realized that […]

Secure remote storage using sshfs and encfs

August 23, 2009


I was particularly impressed by Dropbox and its ability to backup, retrieve and share files so easily, but I am quite concerned about the security issues deriving from having your files on a remote, closed-source system. I think that a good remote storage solution should prevent the owner of the storage server from accessing private […]

Links for 2009-05-19

May 19, 2009


Openmoko: more hardware info and gta02-core [feedly] via OpenMoko has released more information about the design of its current “gta02” platform. The purpose of this release is to help support the gta02-core project, which is doing a community-based redesign of this hardware. “The gta02-core project is primarily a test-bed for the community development process. […]