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Simple time synchronization for the Internet of Things

February 18, 2016


While adding HTTPS capabilities to my STM32 Nucleo board, I needed to solve the problem of current time. This is because TLS needs to check certificate expiration date, so we need a sufficiently accurate estimation of time. So I tried to understand what could I do to ask a network server about the time. I […]

The winner of SHA-3 contest

October 3, 2012


There’s a new standard hash algorithm in town, its official title is SHA-3 but its birth name is Keccak. NIST announced yesterday the winner of a long contest, that selected from many submissions the 5 algorithms most apt to substitute the current SHA-2 hash method, and from those 5 Keccak emerged as a victor. As I wrote in […]

Something about SHA-3 hash

February 22, 2011


Hash functions are everywhere, like the MD5 data to verify a download, or in password storing, or in sites certificates. There are many methods to perform an hash, some less secure than others. There is an ongoing competition at NIST to decide an algorithm that will become a new standard for hash functions.  The target […]