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Why free software shouldn’t depend on Mono or C# – Free Software Foundation

June 27, 2009


Richard Stallman official position on C# and Mono: The danger is that Microsoft is probably planning to force all free C# implementations underground some day using software patents. (See and This is a serious danger, and only fools would ignore it until the day it actually happens. We need to take precautions now […]

Links for 2009-05-17

May 17, 2009


What is the potential of open-source hardware? via David A. Mellis Shared by Balau I hope that many people will want to spend energy to answer the question. […] I hope that in a few years I’ll have a better answer to Simona’s question. Piracy Sucks via Aaron Toponce Shared by Balau The opinion of […]

C# program with both Form and Console

April 29, 2009


A tutorial to create a C# program that shows both a Form and a Console.

Simplest serial port terminal in C#

April 18, 2009


Serial ports are not very useful for the end-user, but they are very important for administration of headless (without monitor) servers and for embedded device development. For example, if you are designing a chip that contains a micro-processor with a serial port (UART) to communicate with an external control (such as a graphical tool running […]