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Sticky Bits » Vulnerabilities in C : When integers go bad!

October 25, 2014


Sticky Bits posted a lesson on C integers that explains the common pitfalls (and some uncommon ones) of arithmetic operations. It contains information that any C developer should know but that is often overlooked, and that might be the cause of many bugs that can result in misbehaviour or security issues. I think it’s written in […]

Memento code comments

January 25, 2010


Code comments are equal to flossing: you need to floss regularly or else… But how should a developer approach writing comments? As a personal technique I associate code comments with memento. What does memento mean? Memento is the Latin imperative “Remember!” A memento is an object that serves the purpose to let us not forget […]

The volatile keyword

March 3, 2009


The volatile keyword is a feature of the C language that is not considered by new developers until they bang their head against an apparently correct code that doesn’t work, and they don’t understand why. I think it is important to know the existence of the keyword and the principles behind it in order to […]