2015 Keynote: Linus Torvalds

January 21, 2015



The conference has been held last week in Auckland. The videos of the conference have been published, and among them I saw the segment starring Linus Torvalds. The keynote was moderated by Andrew Tridgell, and the participants were Linus, Bdale Garbee and Paul “Rusty” Russell. Here is an outline that I hope can be useful if you don’t have time […]

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Nostalgia trip: QBasic game programming

January 18, 2015


PIXELPlus 256 running in DOSBox.

After I wrote my last post I couldn’t stop thinking about old days, and how I programmed in the early nineties, when I was around ten years old. I used to write small games for myself, but I spent far more time coding than ultimately playing them, because creating was the fun part, understanding what the computer […]

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Paul Graham – What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

January 17, 2015



Paul Graham suggests that, when we find a task that entertains us to the point that we are eager to do it, and when people around us doesn’t seem to approach that same task with the same enthusiasm, then we have found a clue. It’s a clue that points towards a direction that could very well […]

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Using a rain sensor with Arduino Uno in C

December 23, 2014


Arduino Uno rain sensor application

An application written in C that interfaces a rain sensor to Arduino Uno by reading digital and analog signals, and visualizing the levels on a PWM-driven LED and a serial terminal.

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Arduino interrupts in C: implementing a time switch

December 15, 2014


Arduino Uno with button for time switch application.

This post continues the series of simple Arduino applications written in C instead of the official Arduino language and IDE. See the previous posts about the basics, using a buzzer and a LED matrix. The goals of using C are mainly to understand better the microcontroller, to reduce the needed resources in terms of code memory, RAM and […]

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Video: The art of writing software

November 23, 2014


This video is an introduction on what software is and what programmers do, and it’s great because it can be shared with everyone, especially those who know nothing or almost nothing about software. via Reddit.

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Drawing on a 7×5 LED matrix with Arduino in C

November 15, 2014


Arduino UNO and 7x5 LED matrix

In my component drawers I have a LTP-7357AG, which is a matrix of 35 green LEDs conveniently packaged in a 12-pin display. I wanted to play with it so I began to hook it with my Arduino Uno. This post is part of a series about programming Arduino applications in C. I’m going to show the results first, […]

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