Free Eclipse ARM GCC OpenOCD Toolchain for Windows | Ångstroms And Algorithms

Posted on 2014/02/13


This new blog called Ångstroms And Algorithms has a complete tutorial on developing and debugging for ARM microcontrollers on Windows. In particular he’s using a STM32-E407 board, an ARM-USB-TINY-H JTAG adapter, ARM GCC toolchain and Eclipse. The tutorial is divided in 4 parts:

Free Eclipse ARM GCC OpenOCD Toolchain for Windows

  1. Introduction
  2. ARM GCC
  3. Eclipse IDE
  4. GDB / OpenOCD Debugger

Personally I am not inclined to use Windows for embedded software development, or development in general, or anything else really, but I know there are many developers on Windows and this tutorial can be useful to them. Also, I tend to not use graphical IDEs for the build/debug environment, but I can see its usefulness especially to start out, and to develop complex projects where you can save a lot of time with IDE functionalities such as refactoring.

[via olimexBuilding an ARMGCC, Eclipse, OpenOCD toolchain for Windows tutorials]

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