AMD announces ARM 64-bit CPU for servers

Posted on 2014/01/30


AMD is taking a big step for ARM architectures, that are currently dominating the smartphone and tablet market and will expand soon for servers. This is the official announce:

AMD to Accelerate the ARM Server Ecosystem with the First ARM-based CPU and Development Platform from a Server Processor Vendor

The benefits of having an ARM running your server machines are mainly about power consumption. And AMD is placing this product specifically for servers. But when I saw the specs of the development kit, I thought: I want this instead of my x86 desktop. I mean, PCIe gen3, SATA3, 10GB/s ethernet, and Linux? It just needs USB, audio and video cards mounted on PCIe and that’s a full-blown working machine for me (I discover that expert developer Marcin Juszkiewicz thinks similarly). It’s probably premature to think that complex graphical environment and Office suites will work as on x86 machines, and I’m not even considering Flash web pages, but they will soon pave that road.

More information in AMD blogs:

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