A sad goodbye to a real maker

Posted on 2013/01/19


I did not know Fabio Varesano personally, but I studied some of his work and followed his activities. He wrote an applied thesis on Arduino and his projects led to the manufacturing of the FreeIMU sensors platform and many other solutions.

Today I learned that he’s gone. Suddenly, unexpectedly and too early.

It’s obvious that he had the desire and rare discipline to study, invent, make and ship; for that I admired him, and I am saddened thinking of all the things he could have done. But this beautiful world is full of talented people with brains and guts just like Fabio, and he made sure that all these people could be enabled by his work even in his absence.

He actively believed in open source, and for this reason his hardware and software projects won’t be buried with him. At the very least they will remain forever on the Internet for everyone to see. But most importantly, they will inspire other makers, potentially for generations to come, and lead them to improve on his work and his design, thus keeping his legacy alive and sparking.

Ciao Fabio.

fabio’s blog | Varesano.net


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