Videos of ELCE2012 and FOSDEM2012 from Free Electrons

Posted on 2013/01/17


Free Electrons recently posted the following resources:

Videos of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012

Videos of the Embedded track at FOSDEM 2012

As usual the conferences are full of interesting projects and information. My highlights for personal interest are:

Wolfram Sang (Pengutronix e.K.)
Maintainer’s Diary: Devicetree and Its Stumbling Blocks
Slides; Video (49 minutes): full HD (329M), 800×450 (160M)

Peter Stuge
OpenOCD: Hardware Debugging and More
Video (47 minutes): full HD (316M), 800×450 (155M)

Julius Baxter, Olof Kindgren (
The OpenRisc Project
Slides; Video (28 minutes): full HD (184M), 800×450 (74M)

Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm)
Open Source Software Meets Open Source Hardware, OpenCores and the OpenRisc 1000
Video (28 minutes): full HD (165M), 800×450 (71M)

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