Fake Dawn version 1.1 available on Google Play and F-Droid

Posted on 2013/01/06


Fake Dawn is my Android app to wake up gently (more details in this past blog post). I recently uploaded a new version (1.1) on Google Play; it fixes some bugs that were reported to me through the Developer Interface by Android users. Fake Dawn is Free Open Source Software (project page), and because of this some people suggested that I should put it on F-Droid.

F-Droid is a project that includes:

  • an Android app that acts as an alternative market, and
  • a web server that compiles and distributes open source apps.

Nicolas Raoul created a diagram showing its structure synthetically. F-Droid can’t be installed through Google Play (because it’s an alternative to it, and for this is not compatible with the Google license agreements), so it must be installed by downloading its apk file through their site. When it is installed, it can be used to install any open source application in their repository.

In order to add Fake Dawn to F-Droid I followed this guide, forking their project, preparing the meta-data information for their repository, and then requesting a merge of my modifications. After several days Fake Dawn is now in F-Droid repository.

For my next steps in Fake Dawn development I want to:

  • Clean up the code and its design
  • Prepare a test project to automatically verify as much functionality as I can
  • Improve support to older phones
  • Improve usability


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