FOSDEM 2012 videos

Posted on 2012/03/18


The videos of the last Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting 2012 have been uploaded.

The most interesting videos for me are the following:

  • ARM BoF: state of the ARM architecture porting of various Linux distros (54:40 video)
  • Debian secrets: useful information to get started on using or developing Debian (41:24 video)
  • Multiarch: why it is important (39:52 video)
  • Coreboot: an open source alternative to BIOS in our PCs (36:52 video)
  • Minemu: an emulator to catch security bugs while the program is running (16:12 video)
  • Openremote: home automation project (15:42 video)
  • Unhosted: a new paradigm for the web where web apps and data are separated to be more secure and free (15:13 video)
  • Virtualization with KVM: an explanation on the current state of virtualization and a roadmap for the future (44:46 video)
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