Codesourcery toolchains have new site at Mentor Graphics

Posted on 2011/10/08


This completely slipped under my radar: Mentor Graphics acquired CodeSourcery’s toolchain products some time ago. I found out when I got to their site and it redirected me to Mentor. In my tutorials I often make use of the Lite editions of the Codesourcery toolchains, so this is the new site for reference: Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition. It seems as nothing changed in terms of licence and functionality of the toolchains, I hope they continue to deliver freely these useful tools with the same frequency and quality.

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[EDIT 2011-12-20] Mentor Graphics decided to make a change in their site. Now in order to download their toolchain you have to register an account, which means giving them first name, last name, email, phone, company, job function, and country. So, even though the download is gratis, they are not delivering the tools as freely as before.

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