A thesis on Arduino

Posted on 2011/04/18


I’m reading an interesting university thesis on Arduino, from Fabio Varesano’s blog, that I follow:

My MoS Thesis: Using Arduino for Tangible Human Computer Interaction | Varesano.net.

This thesis is a useful resource especially for people with a Computer Science background; it can generate many project ideas and arm any hobbyist with the tools to implement them.

Since the thesis is thought for a “software” degree, the first part contains the basic principles of electrics and electronics, that surely must be kept in mind when dealing with hardware projects. Then there’s the analysis of Arduino as a microcontroller, as a prototyping platform, as an open source hardware project and as a community. Fabio then explores the concepts and functionalities of some sensors, in particular the ADXL330 and ADXL345 accelerometers, the ITG3200 gyroscope, and the HMC5843 magnetometer. The last sections of the thesis describe specific projects such as the FreeIMU multi-sensor compact board, the “Palla” ball for human interaction, and the ultra-small Femtoduino.

Congratulations to Fabio for his degree!

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