Controlling my PC from an Android phone

Posted on 2011/01/11


I’m trying some solutions to control my Ubuntu PC and Vista laptop with my new Samsung Galaxy S that is currently running Android 2.2. The QR codes on this page can be used by Android devices (for example with the Goggles) to go directly to the market page of the application. I tried the following apps:


Connects your Android device to your PC through WiFi, then communicates mouse and keyboard events. It uses a server (written in Java) on the PC side that listens to UDP port 57110 by default.

I had an issue where the mouse pointer was stuck at the right edge of the screen, but the bug was solved in release R3 of the server. Other than that, the applications works fine.




Connects your Android device to your PC through WiFi or Bluetooth, using a password. Its functions are:

  • Communicates mouse events like a touchpad
  • Sends key strokes like a keyboard
  • Sends back screenshots of the PC to the Android device when the mouse moves
  • Explores the PC filesystem remotely and launches files

It uses a server (written in Java) on the PC side that listens to TCP port 64788 by default, and also opens a Bluetooth server if available.

It is strictly better in terms of functionalities respect to RemoteDroid, and it is a bit better from a security perspective because it asks for a password. It is currently my application of choice.



YouTube Remote

Connects your Android device to your YouTube account on the internet, then when you visit on your PC using the same account, it connects the two and you are able to control the playing queue.

I find it somewhat buggy because, for example, when the device connects a playing queue is started right away, and when you hit the home key and then switch back to the YouTube Remote app, it reconnects and restarts the playing queue. So, you don’t get to play with your phone while you’re watching.


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