qemu-system-arm segmentation fault in Ubuntu Lucid

Posted on 2010/05/23


A reader pointed out that after the last Ubuntu release all my tutorials break because qemu-system-arm exits immediately with segmentation fault. Luckily I found out, by toying with the options, that by adding the memory option “-m 128M” it works. I wanted to file a bug in Ubuntu, and the procedure is pretty simple and automated if you know what to do, but it’s not so easy to find information about how to do it. Since I have a Launchpad account (Launchpad is the Ubuntu project management system) I searched for information on how to send a bug report; here it is:

Filing bugs at Launchpad.net

The source package for qemu-system-arm is not qemu-kvm-extras as the binary package, but qemu-kvm. For this reason, the URL to use to report bugs was:


I completed the steps by giving information that I thought useful and creating a new bug report, and then it was time to add automatically some information with the powerful apport-collect tool. Since the bug number is 584480 I executed from the command line:

apport-collect 584480

The command opened a Launchpad alternative login page; after logging in, a page appears to give apport-collect the permission to act as me inside Launchpad. Accepting that, I returned to the command line, where apport-collect is waiting for an Enter key press, and let it continue. After the command finished, my bug report was enriched by information about my machine and some logs, which contain the qemu-system-arm segmentation fault.

Waiting for the bug resolution, I need to change my tutorials by adding the workaround.

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