Browser plugin for Google Social Search

Posted on 2010/04/08


Google introduced a (Beta) feature called Social Search last year, and with the introduction of Google Buzz the effectiveness of this search has surely improved.

I wanted to be able to use this feature from my browser’s search box, so I created a plugin using Mycroft submission page.  The plugin can be installed on Firefox, Internet Explorer 7/8 and Google Chrome, being it compliant to the OpenSearch formats.

To install the plugin:

  1. Visit this page from Mycroft plugin database
  2. Click the Google Social link
  3. Confirm the addition of the search engine
  4. Log in your Google account
  5. Select the Google Social search engine from the top right box.

I hope you find it useful. Note that the bigger is your social circle registered in Google, the better are the search results.

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