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Malware Hunting

June 10, 2009


Today my mother asked me to check her laptop: she said it disconnected often. She has a Windows XP Home SP3 old laptop. I run Avira’s Luke FileWalker to check for viruses and it doesn’t find any. Meanwhile I open task manager and sort the processes by CPU usage. A process called something like wmqoi […]

Links for 2009-06-09

June 9, 2009


[$] Linux Kernel Design Patterns – Part 1 via The idea of “design patterns” came from the field of Architecture, but have been used for software development, particularly object-oriented programming, for many years as well. When the visibility of these patterns is raised, so that more developers know and understand them, better quality code […]

Bookmarklet to use Gmail with a clean browser window

June 9, 2009


I tried many ways to access Gmail with calendar functionalities: Evolution, Thunderbird+Lightning and the site itself, using the calendar tool in Gmail Labs. One problem with the latter option is that the browser window is clogged with the toolbar, file menu and other stuff. This simple bookmarklet will open Gmail in a new window […]

Links for 2009-06-07

June 7, 2009


Freescale, Qualcomm mint ARM smartbooks at Computex What’s bigger than a smart phone, smaller than a notebook and different than a netbook? That’s the description of a smartbook, a term Freescale and Qualcomm are minting at Computex for the ARM- and Linux-based portables their customers are designing. Pegatron netbook hands-on video Joining Wistron’s N900z on […]

Links for 2009-06-05

June 5, 2009


Christer Edwards: Getting Started with Firewall Builder via Planet Ubuntu Donald Knuth: Mathematical Ideas, or Algorithms, Should Not Be Patented (Groklaw) via Groklaw reports that Donald Knuth is petitioning the EPO to disallow software patents. “Donald Knuth, distinguished computer scientist, recipient of the Turing Award, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, and author […]


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