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MyHDL on Ubuntu Lucid

June 2, 2010


MyHDL is a Hardware Description Language based on Python. Last year I packaged it for Ubuntu Karmic Koala (here the blog post) and put it on my Launchpad Personal Package Archive (PPA) in order to be installed by everyone. Today I ported MyHDL 0.6 to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx; to install it, run from the command […]

MyHDL on Ubuntu

February 23, 2010


The MyHDL Python modules can now be installed on Ubuntu using a convenient Launchpad PPA repository.

Languages for hardware development

January 14, 2010


A subjective view on some hardware description languages.

Why free software shouldn’t depend on Mono or C# – Free Software Foundation

June 27, 2009


Richard Stallman official position on C# and Mono: The danger is that Microsoft is probably planning to force all free C# implementations underground some day using software patents. (See and This is a serious danger, and only fools would ignore it until the day it actually happens. We need to take precautions now […]

Python script to post RSS (or atom) feeds to WordPress

May 16, 2009


This blog used the “Blog Posting” functionality of service to post a daily round-up of bookmarks. I wanted to do something similar for liks that I did not want to bookmark (news, twits). I tried Digg, but: Submitting a story is a long process. Digg Blog posting is buggy It would create another […]


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