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Google 2-step authentication

October 16, 2011


Google has recently implemented two-factor authentication for user accounts. After reading its description and watching the explanatory video (here is the guide) I activated this option as soon as I could. It really is as user-friendly as it gets, for the security it gives. Since I own an Android phone I also activated the ability […]

Using getmail to backup Gmail on Linux

July 17, 2011


Even though Gmail has been proven quite reliable over the years, there have been isolated episodes of data loss. In any case, I backup my mail locally: better safe than sorry. On my Linux machine I use “getmail” to download my mail through POP and store it in a single “mbox” file. First of all, […]

Bookmarklet to use Gmail with a clean browser window

June 9, 2009


I tried many ways to access Gmail with calendar functionalities: Evolution, Thunderbird+Lightning and the site itself, using the calendar tool in Gmail Labs. One problem with the latter option is that the browser window is clogged with the toolbar, file menu and other stuff. This simple bookmarklet will open Gmail in a new window […]


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